Choosing the best garage door opener

//Choosing the best garage door opener

Choosing the best garage door opener

Whether you are building a new home and having a brand new garage door fitted or looking to replace an existing broken or noisy garage door opener it’s important to consider the qualities you should look for in choosing the best garage door opener.

For the purpose of this blog we will refer to our tilt and sectional door opener, the Jaytech 1200 although most of the same features are incorporated in our roller door openers also.

Through constant customer consultation and feedback we have refined and developed this model and added features, although the main circuit board and DC motor have remained the same since 2012. Why ? Because they are so reliable! The Jaytech 1200 is arguably the most tried and tested opener in Australia, developed originally by 2 garage door Service Technicians who were also qualified Engineers the product has evolved with technological advancements and input from Industrial designers (notably Richard Abram at Develop it).

We wanted to create the most reliable openers on the market whilst embracing changing technology and providing premium features to our market.

So what features might the best garage door opener have?

Bright LED lighting

We switched over from halogen globes in 2016 to super bright multi LED light boards. This not only reduces power consumption but also emits enough light to actually see what you are doing. Our LED light board emits an impressive 370 lumen. We found almost all of the other openers on the market performed poorly and didn’t provide enough usable light. LED light board

Manual release with lock down feature

So you have a power cut and you need to get to work. What do you do?
You pop the door into manual mode, lift it up manually and get your car out right? The only issue is that you may not have any way to lock your garage door. It is generally the opener itself that keeps the door secure so your garage door is able to be lifted up manually by anyone whilst you are away from home. We have engineered our manual release system to not only be extremely easy to use, but have a rail locking feature which enables the door to be locked even whilst being in manual mode. We have included easy to follow instructions which attach to the manual release cord so you will never get stuck not knowing what to do next.
We have also created an optional battery backup kit which can power your garage door for up to 5 days without the use of mains power. Please see our accessories page for more information on our battery backup kit.

Australian Standards and RCM compliant 

All of our opener range comply with AS/NZS 60335.2.95:2012 Inc A1 and AS/NZS 60335.1:20122 Inc A1-3 and Australian RCM requirements. Don’t risk you or your family’s safety on products that are being illegally sold and may not be compliant. Look for the RCM mark. RCM image

Smart circuitry 

With features such as electronic limit setting, automatic safety force learning, smart WIFI device compatibility, auto shut off LED lighting, rolling code receivers, photo beam compatibility, overload protection, soft stop – soft start and LED display menu Jaytech are at the forefront of garage door technology.

Powerful, quiet and reliable DC drive motor

Our DC motors are manufactured with the highest quality materials and designed to be ultra reliable as well as whisper quiet. All of the Jaytech range use metal internal drive gears, not plastic which provides strength and reliability.Drive gear comparison

Belt Drive and C – Rail

Belt drive systems are widely regarded as superior to chain drives for reasons such as :

  •  They are much quieter than chain drives
  •  Safer – less risk of finger entrapment
  •  Corrosion resistant
  •  Do not require any maintenance – no dripping oil on your car !

The downside of a belt drive systems is that traditionally the drive belt is reinforced with fabric which deteriorates over time and is not as strong as a chain. We incorporated 6 stainless steel braided cables into our drive belt to make it much stronger than a chain. It will never break, corrode or stretch.

Comprehensive Warranty 

Our warranties do not rely on “fine print”. The way we see it, if your garage door is reasonably well maintained then our products will last many years without failure. We have designed them to do just that.
Many competitors products offer different warranties for different components of their opener and may advertise “5 year motor warranty”. When you see this, it can mean that the internal DC motor has a 5 year warranty but the circuit board, drive belt and other components may have a much shorter warranty. What good is a motor warranty if the circuit board that controls it stops working?
You can check out the warranty on all of our openers on the back pages of your owners manual which is given to you on installation or can be found on our downloads page

If you would like to talk to someone regarding installation of a Jaytech garage door opener, contact one of our stockists today.

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